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EEC provides comprehensive services - curriculum development, teacher-training, instructional programs and educational resources - to K-12 schools, universities and the general public in the fields of ecology and environmental education. Our mission is to help improve the understanding and appreciation of the science of ecology. This effort will translate into a citizenry that is more motivated, competent and confident at protecting and improving the quality of their environment.
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The word 'ecology' is usually recognized but rarely understood. In fact, it is very often (incorrectly) considered to be synonymous with the term 'environmentalism'. Ecology is the one science discipline that can help us to understand how the Biosphere (nature) works because it focuses on learning how living things are connected to one another and to the nonliving environment that surrounds them. As a result, it becomes possible to comprehend why species are distributed in certain locations of the world and why they have certain levels of abundance.

Furthermore, understanding how the Biosphere is constructed and how it functions is central to saving it.  Thus,
ecological learning provides the foundation for environmental education. Accordingly, we teach all (not just a select, popular few) major ecology themes.  In addition, EEC links these principles, such as adaptations, population and community ecology, symbiosis, succession, food chains and food webs, nutrient cycling, and ecosystems, together (like the pieces of a puzzle) so clients see the big picture of how the Biosphere works.  This approach creates the ability to understand the impact that environmental problems have on ecological systems that sustain human existence.  Ultimately, we provide our clients with the confidence and competence to both understand ecology and effectively be able to apply it to their everyday life.

In addition, we teach people how to do ecology. Since ecology is a science discipline, ecological knowledge is acquired by research studies (properly applying good science inquiry techniques). Thus, we teach (in an easy to understand format) these skills using experiential learning instructional strategies so that people of all ages can both independently acquire their own ecology information, as well as more effectively evaluate what other people discover. This approach makes the science of ecology both enjoyable to learn and highly understandable.

Ecology Education Services

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Curriculum Development

EEC designs K - 12 ecology curriculum, as well as helps to improve on existing ones. Our goal is to help students come to appreciate and understand the science of ecology, and subsequently gain the capability to apply it to their lives.
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Teacher Training

EEC offers both inservice and preservice teacher training. Our goal is to build the capabilities of each teacher to confidently and competently teach ecology in their K - 12 classroom.
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EEC offers a variety of one-day or multi-day ecology programs. We either use one of our programs or create a customized program that focuses on activities and research to enhance student enthusiasm and understanding for ecology.
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Ecology Education Resources

EEC's website provides a growing collection of free ecology education resources. These resources include ecology articles, book reviews for young audiences, lesson plans and 'how to' articles.
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